The Help We Need

Now, this ain’t about church
It’s about a problem, one that we crafted for ourselves trying to run the world.
Rejecting the only guidance we’ve got; despising the manufacturer’s manual; forgetting the creator and loving his craft more, we invented for ourselves alternatives, yes, improvisations that we thought would work.
Well, maybe they did work.
Our little inventions have showed us how to live independent of our source and sustenance, how to become blind and still see illusions, how to become deaf and still hear lies.
And here we are, where our improvisations have gotten us.
Take a look around you; you might find normal people, depending on how rare they are where you are.
Skewed. That’s what we have become.
Virtues have become obsolete, modesty has become old-school.
Downside up, everything is flipped.
Families are messed up, Marriages are in wreck, teenage girls are messing around, young boys are turning to crime (money, money, sex drugs and guns), babies are being shot by religious extremists.
Upside-down, everything is flipped, daddy always comes home late, mum always has strange visitors, uncle is making unhealthy advances, my lecturer won’t pass me unless I…, Steve now wants to be called Eve, big sis has removed “it” up to eight times, its big bro’s fourth jail term, lil sis now has a “boo”, lil bro is stuck to those “X” videos.

Non of your biz? I don’t think so.

Fact: You are affected, directly and indirectly.
Though, our need for intervention is glaring, only a few see it, only a few understand the weight of it.
The solution to earth’s problems lie at the root of these problems. That point when we decided to despise our maker’s Life Guidelines. That point when we told our selves the lie; that we can do it all by ourselves.

We needed help
We rejected his offer for help
We needed solutions
We talked him down with our hypothetical arguments
We lacked ideas
We said his ways were awkward.
We sought for a way,
We sent him away,
He has the map.

The earth and everything in it was made by him and can be sustained by him alone.
Our messed lives can be fixed by him.
Just ask…

Precious Astron Onoh


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